Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wedding Bells

Ah, Texas... the land of wide open spaces and all things big. Pair that with life long friends, wonderful family, and lots of food and you've got yourself a pretty special time.
It was also such a treat to spend time with Michelle's Iraq "family". We've heard all about them for years now and already feel like good friends. They are wonderful.

Opening up some pretty funny things at the bachelorette party...The bride loves Scattergories so we played a little... Fisher edition of course.
Michelle's mother is from South Korea. They did a beautiful job bringing that culture into the rehearsal evening. Even Cody wore the traditional wedding suit.
Bridesmaids and house party girls spent the night at the Fairmont on the wedding eve.

It had been a long time since I'd shared a double bed with two of my best friends, Lauren and Lauren. We layed there talking into the wee hours.... So fun.
Delicious breakfast on the big day...

Packed up and heading to the church to get ready.
Little Emma getting her hair done.
Michelle and mom.Chick-fil-a and sushi. Yum.
More pics to come.