Friday, April 24, 2009

city saturday

Last Saturday we had to run a few errands down in the West Village so we made a fun little afternoon of it.

Stumbled upon a photo shoot...

We planned a little dinner at an Indian place we've been hearing about. It was crazy!! As you can see in the below picture there are about 4 almost identical restaurants all on top of each other. The second you show the slightest bit of interest in dining at one they all start yelling for your attention- "Two seats here!! Come in here!! Come in here!! Best food here!!! Here! Here! Here!"...

It was overwhelming! Fortunately, my friend had warned me about the madness and I knew which one we were walking directly into.

The interior...

It's literally the size of a school bus and you can hardly stand up without your head being engulfed by hanging... tackiness! But it's awesome. We had a really great time.

Nothing says class like bright fake flowers in real (dirty) water accompanied by an "under the sea" rotating lamp! So thankful for fun relaxing afternoons together.