Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun Tuesday

A thoughtful friend of ours moved away several months ago, and soon after was notified she had been selected for Rachael Ray tickets she had put in a request for a while back.

She passed them on to a few of our friends here and on Tuesday we were able to go to the show, and actually ended up getting to sit for multiple show tapings.
Thanks, Whitney!!

We were seated on the front row, which actually ended up seeming very providential.

During one segment they brought out a young man (19 yrs old) to interview because of a very poor choice he'd made. He was a very troubled individual and completely distressed.

They booted Shawna from her seat quickly as they were bringing him out, so there he sat next to Ginger, Sarah, and me.
Shawna immediately began praying (from the back of the studio) that the Holy Spirit would give Ginger words to say to him, as she was now sitting directly beside him.

In the moments when he wasn't being interviewed or we were in a break, Ginger, being sensitive to the Spirit, spoke calmly and compassionately to him for several moments.

She told him about Christ's love and forgiveness. She told him that we all make mistakes, but Christ forgives even the worst. She said that he didn't have to let this mistake and this season of his life define him. She offered him hope. It was very cool.
One of the segments we saw, an interview with Rupert Everett, aired yesterday and Shawna got some pictures. The backs of our heads are famous. I'm surprised more people haven't been stopping me on the street.

A little back of the head action: Shawna, Ginger, me, Sarah (oh, and Rachael and Rupert)

A split second of our faces: If you watch, you may see us a couple more times when they air the following segments: the 7-Layer Dip, Nancy Grace and "Sexting", Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd, and the Hayes Family .
Also, Ginger was selected for an upcoming feature on household cleaning products. Next week they are sending a crew to her apartment to film the family and then she will be back in the studio April 7th for an interview!! Can't wait!

For old times (and Rupert's) sake I must end with a favorite movie clip. Don't you just love it when this happens when you're out to dinner with friends and family?!