Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Freedom and Expectation

Hope you are blessed, as I was, by this portion of a message on prayer from Kristian to our church:

I was reminded recently that the difference between a "religious" person and a Gospel oriented person can often be seen in their prayer life. While the religious person prays mostly in a disciplined manner of beseeching God to respond to their desires and needs, the Gospel oriented person seeks God in an ongoing, intimate conversation that recognizes their time spent before God not as the means to an end but as an end even unto itself.

The goal of our prayer is fellowship and intimacy with our God who loves us and in whom all of life, joy and satisfaction is found. As we grow in that relationship our requests of him will become more natural and more often in alignment with his will. He is pleased to respond by providing for our needs because he is good and because he loves us.

So as you pray during this Lenten season, do so with great freedom and expectation! Approach God in such a way that you seek his face and not just his hand. And as we all do that together, we will continue to be transformed by the riches of his glorious grace that are seen most powerfully in the resurrection of his son, Jesus!