Thursday, December 04, 2008

kitty what?

my co-worker came to me today in all seriousness to show me what she's going to get her cat for christmas...

after choking on the gulp of water that was in my throat, i smiled and tried to act like that was a really great idea. yes, that's so nice. i'm sure your cat will really enjoy that thoughtful gift.


after the cat-loving co-worker left my desk i promptly went to the website. i had to see if this was legit.

oh yes. it was. here are a few quotes from the site:
"Question: Is this for real?"
"Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! This is a fun prop to be used to enhance playtime with your feline friends."
"Question: Isn't this cruelty to animals?"
"Actually, no. We see it as a way for you to spend more quality time with your pet. It's an opportunity for you to show your cat something new and learn to introduce it with patience and positive reinforcement. It provides a very attentive experience and a chance for you to praise your cat and make a big fuss over her/him."

i can't really think of anything i'd like to do less than make a "big fuss" over a cat in a wig.
but i obviously just don't understand.
i know there are some cat lovers who read this blog, so i hope you're not offended.

happy holidays!