Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New England Adventure!

aahhh... New England... where to begin??
Kristian and I had an incredible time. It really could not have been any better.

Since we have about 600 photos, I've tried to pick ones that really highlight the greatness.
This is the basic gist of the trip...

Day 1:
Mystic, CT
Adorable Main St. on the water
Ate Mystic Pizza but sadly Julia Roberts wasn't there.

Newport, RI
Bustling little town with tons to do.
Walked along the cliffs
and gazed at late 1800's mansions,

spent time on the Wharfs,

and ate chowder at the Red Parrot. Yum!

Myles Standish State Park, MA- Camping
Got there about 30 mins after sunset so had to set up whole camp site in the dark which takes much cooperation and patience :)
Mountain Man husband collected tons of firewood in the pitch black dark forest and built a fire.
Great camping on the most beautiful little pond.
(view the next morning)

Day 2:
Roasted pop-tarts on the fire for breakfast.

As we left, found Cranberry Bogs! Never knew this is how they were harvested. Really beautiful.

Drove on to Cape Cod, MA. Wow.
Lunch at great little local shack known for their lobster rolls.

Parked car and set off for what was supposed to be a beautiful and easy bike ride,
but it was really the bike ride from hell. It included strained muscles, big hills, arguments, K&K parting ways for Kristian to go get the van a million miles back, Kristian leaving car keys with Katy which was realized only after riding aforementioned million miles, and a good-willed car ride from an old man named Richard.
The highlight was a brief stop at a cozy little place called the Hot Chocolate Sparrow, where we enjoyed their homemade hot chocolate and ice cream.

After recuperating from ride, explored lovely Chatham on the Cape. Saw it's old lighthouse,

and ate seafood at the Chatham Squire.
Back at camp made s'mores on fire. Talked for hours.

Day 3:
Enjoyed the National Seashore- Gorgeous.

Left Cape Cod to head for Marblehead, MA.
Stopped in Plymouth on the way up. Saw the Rock. Very cute town.

Stopped briefly in Boston/ Cambridge to explore the Harvard Campus. Beautiful! Though I must say it looks very similar to Baylor's...

Arrived in Marblehead at our B&B, called Harborside House.
Dinner at local restaurant- seafood of course!
Showers, finally. Cards and bed.
Day 4:
Lovely breakfast with view of harbor.
Amazing waterfront walk through the quaint and incredible little town.

This is one of the greatest towns ever. Homes dating back to the 1600s and people still live in them. Absolutely Picturesque.

Drove along coast and through little towns to Magnolia, MA. Isn't that a great name for a little coastal town?
Magnolia is where one of my life-long heroes, Elisabeth Elliot, and her husband, Lars, live.
Went to their home. It was an incredible experience. (Will write more on this later)
Lars took us on a tour of their town in our minivan, and then we enjoyed lunch at The Causeway- great Chowder and Fish and Chips, but I hardly tasted it since I was eating lunch with Elisabeth Elliot.
Went back to their home for a few minutes and the headed on to our campsite, about 5 minutes from their house.
Kristian built an awesome fire that we enjoyed for hours. He's quite the outdoorsman.

Day 5:
Found a great little breakfast place in town, the Sugared Magnolia. Isn't that a pretty name?

Headed on to Boston where we spent about 4 hours. Walked the Freedom Trail, and ate Lobster Bisque at Quincy Market/ Faneuil Hall. We really loved Boston. So much history!! Declaration of Independence first read from this balcony
In front of Paul Revere's home
St. Francis of Assisi and his bird
Tons of the tombstones had this freaky scull-headed "angel".

After Boston we decided to drive on back to NYC and finish our vacation there.
Ate a nice Peruvian dinner in the Upper East Side, and went home to relax!

Day 6:
Woke up and headed to breakfast at the Barking Dog. Great food, wonderful atmosphere, and so great to just relax together.

We are beyond thankful for the time we were able to spend together and for all the new things we we were able to experience. If anyone's ever headed up that way we can give recommendations!

And if you still want more, here are several more pics with a few additional stories: