Monday, September 01, 2008


I've been amazed at the overwhelming popularity of the retail yogurt business lately. Pinkberry especially seems to have struck sour milk gold. What I don't understand is how a place can take the ice cream shop business model, replace perfectly scrumptious ice cream with abjectly disgusting yogurt, put some chunks of fruit on top and have a line of customers out the door all day. My mind has been boggled over it. Literally boggled.

Some people say it's because yogurt has "live active cultures". Well when I was 7 I left a cup of apple juice in my bedroom for about two months. When I finally got around to removing it I saw that there was a bed of mold growing in it that strongly resembled the shape and thickness of ravioli. If only I had known then how popular spoiled food and "live cultures" would be one day...

Anyway, as with all commercial fads, success breeds new competition. So today I took my wife down to the West Village for some falafal as a Labor Day treat (little place called Mamoun's, on MacDougal - great value). Afterwords we headed across to Bleeker to try "Yogurtland", some pinkberry knock off...or so I thought. Against my better judgment I tried a sample. It was amazing. Not only was I convinced to get my own cup, I ended up going back for seconds. Seconds, baby! This magically delicious substance was life changing. I had the cookies and cream flavored magic (I refuse to call it yogurt) topped with butterfinger, cookie dough and crumbled oreos; my tongue is still thanking me.

Listen closely when I say this: you must try Yogurtland if it's at all within your means. It is better than Cold Stone Creamery. It is better than Maggie Moos and Marble Slab combined. And yes, I would even go so far as to say that I'd choose Yogurtland over my all time favorite treat, the Dairy Queen Blizzard. Does that blow your mind? Well it should!

I've just given you a $10,000 tip for free. You're welcome. Now go forth and try it. I look forward to hearing the testimonies of Yogurtland transformed lives.