Monday, September 15, 2008

sunday with the roses

the last day of our mini vacation was superb. dad and helga were so generous and we experienced all sorts of new york highlights. after a wonderful apostles service sunday morning, we got hot dogs (they really wanted a new york hot dog experience!) and saw another movie (i know, not very new-yorky, but nice and relaxing), and then heading down to little italy.

it just so happened to be the feast of san gennaro, an annual parade and all-out party that has been held since 1927. it was packed with people, but a neat experience. we were able to duck through the crowd into one of the authentic little italian restaurants, da nico... great food! after dinner we found some homemade italian gelato at bella ferraro's, another little italy staple.
then we were off to pier 83 on the west side to take a sunset cruise (sounds romantic, but we were joined by about 300 friends.)

gorgeous sunset!
(i've not yet mastered a proficiency in nighttime photography with the D40!)

the tour was great and we learned so much about nyc. it definitely created an "i love ny" moment where i thought i would be content to never leave this great city... those moments come and go rather quickly as some of you know.

have you heard about nyc's newest art exhibit? these waterfalls are pretty cool, or at least they were at night. it's a bit hard to see, but there are four HUGE waterfalls around the lower half of manhattan coming off bridges and other structures.

thanks again, roses, for the wonderful trip!

indulge me for a moment while i tell you about this last photo. you can make out the remains of a pier in the water. see all the wood posts protruding and the white thing bobbing?
well, this is the location of the pier where the Titanic was supposed to land, had it made it to nyc! pretty cool, huh?