Sunday, August 10, 2008

new development

i have a big new development that might interest those who know me best. if this is you, you know of my hate for watermelon.

i consider this dislike a curse as it is quite obviously the official summer fruit (and sometimes even dessert).
every summer i pick up a red slice and bite in, hoping that a year's worth of maturity will have changed my taste buds. and every year i promptly spit it out swearing i'll never let it pass my lips again.

i realized a few years back, while pondering how it could be that everyone in america apparently likes watermelon but me and i'm not even a picky eater, that it is more about the texture. i realized it reminds me of a mealy apple, and there's nothing worse than mealy produce. it's not that it really has a bad taste, i just don't like the way it feels in my mouth.

so i was in the grocery store this week and i saw huge quartered watermelons in ice and they just looked so good. i thought "man i wish i liked watermelon," and i bought one thinking "maybe this year."

then came an idea... i cut the mealy fruit up into squares and put it in the freezer.
the next day i came home from work and promptly took out my tupperware o' melon and bit down on an icy chunk.*

it was great!! i loved it!!
i have now been eating frozen watermelon chunks for a week!

this probably won't help me out much at summer picnics since nobody seems to serve frozen watermelon but i'm ok with that.

i like watermelon! (in one form)

*please note that the watermelon must be fully frozen like a very frozen popsicle that is hard to bite into. i later bit into a half frozen piece and almost gagged.