Wednesday, June 18, 2008

whatta mighty good man

last sunday kristian turned 26! we feel so old now that we're into the 2nd half of our twenties (insert groans).

i am struck this birthday by how much i RESPECT my husband.

by acting as a servant to others he makes himself great in my eyes.
i admire him.
i want to be like him.
he's my role model.

he loves his Maker above all else.
he longs for heaven... to be perfectly united with Christ.
i see him on his knees early every morning.

he manages our home well.
he manages our money well. through his generosity i am inspired to an increased level of giving.
he recycles. (like there's no tomorrow)

he is creative.
he nurtures a spirit of adventure in our home.

we have so much fun together.
we laugh really hard really often.

he loves me well and cares for my heart.
he really tries to know me (and i think i make it really tough for him to figure me out!)

and he's HOT!

happy birthday to my outstanding kristian bryant rose.