Thursday, June 26, 2008


So I definitely don't believe in karma. That unbelief is being firmly held to this week despite some striking evidence to the contrary, however.

Six years ago I was a freshman in college. As young men are prone to do on occasion, a dormitory neighbor and I found ourselves locked in a relatively intense wrestling match on the 4th floor of Dunn Hall. It was a Tuesday night as I recall, just before Bible study. I had my scrappy adversary, the great Scott Hubley, in a headlock when he began using his lower center of gravity to drive me backwards down the hallway. Then, in a flurry of physical power and manual dexterity (actually I tripped), Scott was turned ever so slightly and he rammed his head into the wall. He bled profusely and ended up with some staples in his head.

Fast forward to June 25th, 2008. I am in Baltimore, MD working with Habitat for Humanity using a post driver on top of a digging bar to remove an old fencepost from a back yard. At about repetition 23, I raise the metal pipe to the top of the bar and take it up a little too far. The driver slips off the top and comes back right on top of my noggin. I ended up with blood everywhere and a trip to the ER.

So 6 years and 2 scalp staples later, I find that I've come full circle. I guess we're even now, Scott.