Monday, June 23, 2008

as of late...

i found two little munchkins doing some SERIOUS dance moves in our living room.
i could hardly take the pictures, i was laughing so hard.and it turned out to be a very worthwhile dance party...

the members of the gullette family were discussing their dream place to live.
as in, "if you could live anywhere, where would it be?"
they were dreaming big.
5 year old sam chose puerto rico, where their family just vacationed.

you know where brookie would live if she could live anywhere in the whole wide world?
"katy's house"

her family tried to clarify by asking if she meant their other "katy" friend with the huge nice apartment and lots of toys.

but no.
she meant "katy's house where i dance with macy"

these next pictures might strike you as odd, and that's because they are. that's kristian and david avoiding a light afternoon shower.
like true gentlemen, they handed off the one umbrella to shawna, baby kate, and me, and then made a mad dash for the restaurant we were headed to.
they weren't even trying to be funny and i think they actually thought they were pretty brilliant for coming up with the bag head idea.
i mean they poked eye and mouth holes and everything!
and we couldn't quite understand what exactly they were so concerned about protecting. i would expect this from my grandmother charlotte and her perfectly coiffed grandmother hair. (thanks shawna for the pics and great post)

and last but not least, kristian's super fun birthday party.
there were about 30 friends who joined us at the park to celebrate.
on the way home kristian called it his "ideal birthday party"... score!
frisbee, friends, and food... and thanks to Sam Gaw for these...