Thursday, May 01, 2008

it's her birthday and i'll cry if i want to

today is annie's birthday, and though we don't get to celebrate with her (or even talk to her!), we will celebrate her.

though i could list hundreds, here are 10 things i love about annie:

1. she is commited to serving the Lord with her life by loving Him, by loving others, and by seeking to glorify Him with her decisions.
2. she loves her family and let's us know it! 3. she loves her friends well and has maintained consistent relationships for years. you can tell how much they love her by how close they stay to her.
4. she's selfless. she seeks the best for others. she's so easy going and really tries to make poeple feel loved and accepted.

5. she so fun! we have a blast together. i am so thankful that both of my sisters are my best friends and that we have each other as long as we're alive. anne is always up for new things, or is so happy just sitting in a coffee shop reading. we basically have fun together anywhere we are, and whatever we are doing.
6. she's adventuresome. that's obvious by the fact we are not able to speak right now because she's in indonesia! she is not afraid to stretch herself and is reliant on the Lord's guidance in her life as she tries new and exciting things.7. she's humble. she doesn't seek to draw attention to herself. she humbles herself before the Lord and close friends and seeks guidance and wisdom.

8. she's so thoughtful. anne's always thinking of ways to make us feel special and loved. when she lived here in NY with us she would leave treats, write notes, or do the dishes when it wasn't her turn.
9. she's creative. she reflects the Lord's beauty through the way she creates. if He is the most creative being, she certainly represents Him well through art, music, writing.

10. she's peaceful. her peace is evident and so attractive. it is a blessing to be around her.
we miss you sister and can't wait to have you back in NYC soon :)