Saturday, April 19, 2008


i (katy) often think about how i'm almost sick of continually "improving" myself, spiritually speaking. it is obviously a necessary part of our walk with the Lord- continually praying for cleansing and refining- but I'm tired of me being the end. it must extend further.

by God's unimaginable grace, i have known Christ for several years now. he has transformed many things about me, but boy do i have a long way to go. i need His power to transform my pride, my self-image, my marriage, my patience... my heart.

but i feel i spend a little too much time on ME.

sara groves is one of my favorite artist's of all time. every one of her albums has at some point in my life brought me to tears. the lyrics are so real and touching.

i was encouraged by recently reading her website and hearing my feelings expressed by her as well (in a much more eloquent manner):

“...Sara explains, 'I believe God invites us to add to the beauty of his plan, letting us participate in his redemptive work. But I found myself asking, ‘How have I applied this idea?' I had groomed and groomed and groomed my personal faith, but to what end?

Her answers came in a series of global conversations and experiences, from the flood-ravaged gulf of Louisiana, to the genocide memorials of Rwanda, to the testimonies of Southeast Asia sex trade survivors. These experiences showed the disparity between some of the American pursuits of comfort and wealth and the joy of joining the difficult work of social justice and engaging in the suffering of the afflicted.

...Much of what I had done before along the lines of service was guilt induced. When I would hear a horrific story, I would want to respond quickly, write a check, and be done with it. But I have met many incredible people who are responding with their lives, and that has exposed something in me. I have been given a lot of joy in life, but I’ve also missed something. All of my life I have been grooming my faith, but have missed something about the purpose of that grooming. If I understand scripture at all, I have to know that to enter into the suffering of the poor and the oppressed is to know Christ and his suffering.”

grooming- that's a good way to put it. i pray for so much grooming to be done in me, which is necessary and good... but like she says- to what end?

I want to know Christ so much more deeply. I want to obey his commands to serve and give.

we posted a video similar to this a while back by brooke fraser, but still listen to this beautiful song and be encouraged by what sara shares.

her newest album, Tell Me What You Know, is wonderful.