Monday, March 10, 2008

i don't know what to say

i got to go see this new broadway show yesterday, august: osage county, with my good friend, shawna, whose sister had an extra ticket.

"Meet the Westons. A vanished father. A pill-popping mother. Three sisters harboring shady little secrets.
When the large Weston family unexpectedly reunites after dad disappears, their Oklahoman family homestead explodes in a maelstrom of repressed truths and unsettling secrets. Mix in Violet, the drugged-up, scathingly acidic matriarch, and you’ve got a major new Broadway play that unflinchingly – and uproariously – exposes the dark side of the Midwestern American family." (from

sounds like a great way to spend three and a half hours, huh?
it's apparently getting rave reviews, but the verdict is still out for me.

the best word i can use to describe it is intense.

it is horribly sad, but you laugh a lot.
there are no glimpses of hope or redemption, yet it's really engaging.
the acting was outstanding. i mean, how many people can yell, scream, curse, drink, smoke, slap, and cry for three hours straight, seven days a week?

i enjoy broadway shows, but my mind usually floats off at least once in the course of a performance. not in this one. i would says it's morbidly captivating.

i'm still processing it.

i don't know if i recommend it. definitely not for kids. definitely not for those who enjoy broadway for the upbeat song and dance. there are no songs or dances (except for the one song that the romantically involved cousins sing to each other, who later find out they are brother and sister due to a secret affair between a man and his sister-in-law... and, oh yeah, the dancing that the mom does to her eric clapton record while high on pain killers...)

but we had awesome seats right near the front, and the best part of the whole evening (for shawna and i at least) was that meg ryan was sitting 3 rows in front of us! and i don't think anyone else even noticed she was there!

we tried to covertly get pictures during the intermission but felt a little obnoxious and didn't want to appear like silly star-struck tourists, but we so were. i think shawna's sister, who was an actual tourist, was embarrassed of us. oh well :)

(meg driving away- you can see her blonde hair in the back)