Saturday, March 08, 2008

gustave and paul

we enjoyed a few hours at the met today with our good friend, kenny, taking in a gustave courbet exhibit.

courbet was a french painter from the 19th century who began the 'realism' movement in art.

i liked some parts and didn't much care for others. i was drawn by his drive to display/expose truth in his work. many of the images focused on the conditions of the poor and on social issues. he was definitely out to ruffle some feathers.

i was not as drawn to the many naked women. they were not so much captured in the artsy "the-body-is-beautiful" sense, but more in the disturbing "dirty-old-man" sense.

he also had about 30 self portraits.... hmmm.

i will say that being in that amazing place inspired me to start painting again. we'll see what happens.

on a more exciting note (especially for the wallaces), as we were sitting on a bench in the museum resting for a few minutes, paul bettany and his son came up and sat beside us (da vinci code, wimbledon, knight's tale...)
we told him that wimbledon is our friends' all time favorite movie and he said to "give a shout out to donald and angela" in his british accent.
(just kidding, he didn't say that. but i'm sure he would have if we had actually been brave enough to talk to him...)