Tuesday, February 12, 2008

oh man

so picture this...

you're at work, in a meeting with several co-workers as well as outside partners who you're planning a big event with.

you start to feel really bad, but you really try to not show it since there is a lot of important stuff happening in this meeting.
you can hardly focus on what is being said and have trouble responding when someone asks you a question because you are in so much pain.

finally, the pain is so bad that you abandon all inhibitions and start to hold your head in your hands because you are feeling really dizzy and think that if you stand up to excuse yourself you might pass out.

then, after a few moments that are gone from your memory, you realize that your boss is shaking your body and holding your hair up from your sweaty neck.
you realize all your co-workers are gathered around saying your name trying to rouse you, and you hear one of them on the phone calling 911.

then, your boss and your other boss and a co-worker are lifting you up and lying you down onto the floor, taking your boots off, propping your feet up, holding your hand, placing cold rags on your head, and staring at you.

you notice the previously mentioned outside partners are awkwardly scrambling out and wishing you well....

yes. i fainted at work yesterday. in a meeting. the police came. kristian came.

oh, the embarrassment!

but no worries. it was just severe cramps and my body has a history of occasionally shutting down when the pain gets too bad. i just wasn't expecting it because it's been a few years.

i'm going to the doctor to get some super-power pain killers.