Saturday, February 16, 2008

Marital Bliss

Katy was looking very pretty this morning, very sweet. So naturally, I wanted to give her a kiss. But since I'm still a little sick, I dare not kiss the lips - instead I went for the nape of the neck (the money shot). As I leaned in, she scrunched up into a ball and giggled, so I backed away. Upon second approach I got the same response. She said it was a natural reaction to a very ticklish gesture. I argued that it was all in her mind and that she just needed to let her husband kiss her.

Finally she agreed. But just before I was able to seal the deal she said this: "You'd better not do anything ticklish. I've got hot coffee in my hand and I will throw it on you!"

Ah, the sweet romance of the third year of marriage...