Sunday, February 24, 2008

an 'i love nyc' day

sometimes living in this foreign land that is NYC is trying and uncomfortable, but there are many days when you just LOVE it. yesterday was one of those days...

we spent several hours in the park, one of our favorite pastimes.
the snow was awesome.
there were tons of kids (and parents) on sleds, building snowmen, and having snowball fights.

we stopped at the boathouse (a restaurant in the park) for while. there is a cafe area separate from the expensive dining room that has really great food and treats for pretty cheap. this has become our new favorite nyc hangout and a saturday morning tradition.
if you're a new yorker and haven't been, you must try it. it's a great pit-stop if your walking through the park.
cozy atmosphere... fire burning in a stone fireplace... a gorgeous view out the huge windows onto the lake... its amazing!
the lake was frozen over and it snowed as we sat there looking out the windows. dreamy!

michelle and anderson are a wonderful couple from brazil we've become friends with through kristian's job. they met us there to hang out for a bit.

the guys couldn't resist building a snowman, and even got some tips from an expert.
great nyc day.