Monday, January 21, 2008

district of columbia

team rose took full advantage of the three day weekend and headed to DC! and those amazing friends of ours, donald and angela, decided to meet us there all the way from dallas! they are so awesome.

kristian and i took the chinatown bus. for anyone in the nyc area, i totally recommend it. we were expecting it to be pretty shady, especially since it was rumored that one of the bus companies was recently shut down for possible drug trafficking, but it was great.
clean, timely, and friendly service.

we arrived saturday around noon to our great little hotel in dupont circle and the wallace's arrived soon after. we became quite excited as we read about some free amenities that were included with our hotel stay, namely free apples during the day and milk and cookies at night! (10:30 to be exact)

milk and cookies?! we were ecstatic.
anyone who knows us knows that we love cookies.
but free cookies are even better!
and milk?? what kind of heaven-like place was this?

as we left to explore the city, donald and kristian made a point of letting the front desk know that they would want to be sure and tell the kitchen to bake extra tonight.

as ridiculous as it sounds, we basically planned our whole day around being back to the hotel by 10:30pm so as not to miss out on this delectable treat.

we had so much fun. we went up to the national zoo at the request of our zoologist, angela. besides the fact that 90% of the animals were nowhere to be found due to cold weather i guess, we still had a really fun time and got to see pandasand a huge hungry hippo
we later found our way up to the national cathedral which was gorgeous.
the nighttime pics don't do it justice.
after a nice chinese dinner we went back to the hotel to kill time before the milk and cookies.
yes, it's true.

at 10:30 on the dot we were on the elevator headed down to the lobby.
mouths watering.
hands ready to scoop up the warm, fresh baked, huge, chocolate-oozing treats.
and then...

in a jar.
utter disappointment.

i'm sure the concierge thought we were tipsy as we were unable to stifle our laughter and tears at our misfortune, and even spilled milk on the carpet. it was quite a scene.
definitely one of those stories where 'ya had to be there', but i'm sharing it none the less.

i found myself wondering after all that when we will truly be adults.
do adults act like this?
i guess immature ones do.
all i know is the day the roses are not excited about free cookies is not near at hand.

oh well.
i haven't had oreos and milk in a long time, so it was actually pretty good.

sunday we woke up bright and early.
after breakfast in a cute little coffee shop we headed down to the mall area to see the sights.
holocaust museum, white house, lunch at a really great place- old ebbit's,
lincoln memorial, the washington monument, WWII memorial, museum of natural history...


neat to stand where MLK did for "i have a dream..." on MLK weekend

note the brown twigs sticking out of the ground. i was thinking that of all the homes in america, this one might possibly have a good landscaping service?

oh well, it was still magnificent, and this is just the back!

we had dinner at a happenin' little spot called busboys and poets.

it was almost too cool for us immature adults. we did get free dessert, though, after our waiter forgot about us.

just the guys watching some football

GQ's february cover shot

monday was spent at the capitol, supreme court, union station, ford's theater, and walks through the lovely neighborhoods

home where lincoln died

supreme court- amazing

the weekend was perfect (minus the arctic temperatures) because

1- DC is full of amazing sights and

2- we love the wallace's