Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Hope for New York had a half day workshop today for our ministry affiliates. The event kicked off our grant application season and addressed the topic of outcome measurements. The principle is nothing novel. Begin with the end in mind. How do you know whether you're succeeding if you can't measure success? Create discretely defined incremental measurements of success along the way for observable progress. etc.

I think its funny that professionally or organizationally most of us have a decent grasp of this concept, but with our "personal lives" act like we've never heard it before. Or at least that's often the case with me. I heard someone last week talk about setting New Year's goals in seven areas of life: professional, spiritual, familial, physical, financial, social and intellectual. I like this idea. So considering that advice, and my recent time spent in the outcome measurements workshop, I'm going to project some goals even now.

1) Professional - To hold my current position for at least 6 months in 2008 without being accused of another "fireable offense".
2) Spiritual - To learn how to pray while appearing to be asleep, but not really asleep (wink).
3) Familial - To firmly convince my wife, by October, that she in fact did not make a mistake in marrying me.
4) Physical - To increase my body's ability to metabolize ice cream without vomiting from two to three gallons per day.
5) Financial - To increase my poker winnings from a -47% to a -15% and to hone my skill in picking lottery numbers.
6) Social - To find at least three new people willing to be seen with me in public, regardless of whether or not I'm wearing deodorant on any given day (read 'Tuesday').
7) Intellectual - To create a comprehensive linear graphing system to track my intellectual advancements so that when Katy says, "you think you're so friggin' smart, don't you?", I can say, "well honey, I'm not saying anything, but that graph speaks volumes!"

This is going to be a great year!