Friday, December 14, 2007

Mrs. Anderson's Kindergarten Class

That's where we met, and the rest is history...
Lauren has been my best friend since we were 5.

We have been on family vacations together, made up countless dances and skits, wrote hundreds of notes, survived trends like balloon jumpers, denim vests, and gellie sandals. We've lived together, sang together, danced together, cooked together... everything.

I can't recall all the times we have laughed so hard we cry. It's a common occurance.

We're like an old married couple in the way we can finish each other's sentences and know what the other is meaning even if the words are coming out wrong.

This particular quality has negatively affected Kristian and me. I often think that what I am saying or intending to say makes perfect sense. He, however, often doesn't understand and over these first couple years of marriage, "You're going to have to explain... I'm not Lauren" has been a common household phrase.

It has been really funny to see that Lauren and Clint suffer from the same form of miscommunication!

Yesterday, my wonderful friend became engaged to a wonderful guy. And to make it even better it was right here in New York City.

Clint is a master of surprises and has a habit of planning great ones for Lauren. He took her to Rockefeller Center to admire at the beautifully lit tree and as the snow fell Clint got down on one knee.


What a pleasure and honor to have them here staying with us and get to spend their first night as an engaged couple together.

Kristian made a lovely sign to welcome them home.

We found a cozy little neighborhood spot for some celebratory dessert. The staff even wished them a "Happy Engement"!!

We haven't been able to spend a ton of time with Clint, but from what we've seen, they are the perfect match.

I couldn't be more excited for Lauren. They are both very blessed.

Could she be any happier??