Friday, November 02, 2007


My little sister, Julie, turns 18 today!! I know Kristian already paid tribute to her below (in an interesting way), but I wanted to add a few things.

10 Things We Love and Admire About Julie:

1. She's always laughing. Her nickname when she was little was Giggles.
2. She has always been very compassionate and desires justice. When she hears of marginalized groups, she wants to help.
3. She is a friend to many, and seeks to make people feel included.

4. She loves adventure and traveling, although she does not know how to travel light :)
5. She let's me steal her clothes.
6. She's animated and full of life
7. She is passionate about the things she loves

8. She is very generous, and this is especially nice on Christmas and Birthdays.
9. She has tried from an early age to tell people about her faith
10. She loves Jesus and is pursuing a life of following Him.
Happy Birthday Julie! We wish we were with you!!