Monday, November 12, 2007

come on in...

Anne and Katy have had a lot going on at The Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation over the past couple months.

The Foundation opened a Margaret's Place, our school based "safe rooms" where kids can go talk with a counselor and each other about domestic violence and other tough stuff going on in their live, in New Jersey. This is the 11th Margaret's Place in the tri-state area.

This opening was especially neat because we had a huge assembly for the kids and Joe and Bernie Williams came to speak. The kids were beside themselves with excitement. It was a pretty cool morning.

This is Margaret's Place, named after Joe's mom who was a victim of domestic violence.

These rooms are really inviting and have so far proven to be a cool place in the school where kids really like to hang out.

The kids made tons of signs for the big opening!

Annie welcomes you!

the assembly

The girls from work handing out goodie bags to all the kids.


Bernie Williams.

Stay tuned for pics of last Friday's big Gala, and an update on what's going on at Kristian's job.