Thursday, October 18, 2007

in a new york minute

pretty cool star sighting today...

Katie Holmes and baby Suri!

I had just left my doctor's office and was walking home. As I crossed the street I saw them directly in front of me coming my direction.

I guess due to the time of day and the location there were not many people around at all. Katie looked at me as she crossed and smiled. haha

I turned around because I was kind of shocked and walked behind them for a few seconds while I called Anne (i know, so stocker-ish!) But again, there was really nobody on the sidewalk with us, so I knew if she turned around she would know I was following her, so I stopped.

They just were strolling along real slowly, Katie pointing things out to Suri on the street, with a body guard following close behind carrying her big purse.


I took a picture with my phone (now I'm really revealing how star-struck I was), but it didn't turn out that great, so here's another.