Sunday, October 28, 2007

happy halloween!

Halloween. It's a beautiful holiday where we celebrate demonic activity and cavities. It's a holiday where we experience immense pressure to come up with yet another clever costume. We decided that we should spend no money, so whatever we had in the closet we'd go with. The first idea was crazy sock ear and string girl. Socks hanging from Kristian's ears and string from Katy's appendages would have been classic. But someone didn't like it (string lady is a real downer sometimes.) Then we took a plastic grocery bag, drew a mustache on it and tied it over Kristian's head. Apparently asphyxia is a real thing. I thought my mom always told me that just to scare me? Finally we decided on these camouflage beauties. No, we're not hunters; we're Republicans! People in NYC really dig it when you make fun of the GOP, so we went with it. It was a good time and we got lots of candy. Unilateral preemptive mission accomplished. Happy Halloween!

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