Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Good morning!

What's your favorite way to wake up in the morning? Some people get crazy over the smell of bacon cooking; others enjoy the scent of the ocean rolling in on their lanai. Until moving up here to the city life in New York, I would have never known the unparalleled joy that comes from slipping out of bed, stumbling toward the bathroom while rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, and then stepping into that sacred morning tabernacle to the smell of my neighbor's raw sewage. Why does it smell like raw sewage? Because the folks who live above us - the ones who usually have the modesty to limit their disruptions to simply allowing their 5 year old son to incessantly bounce a ball on our ceiling all night - flooded their bathroom and had no idea how to turn off the water. So while I stood on a step ladder holding a bowl to catch the splattering and cascading fluids which poured forth from our light socket (a strikingly unsafe scenario on multiple levels), Katy ran upstairs to make sure they knew what was happening and to plead with them to stem the tide. I guess they hate us, because they did know but refused to turn the water off. They claimed that they didn't have a shutoff valve on their toilet. Well that is either the height of ignorance or of dishonesty, and either way I was still dealing with a rather thick, murky yellow liquid dripping all over my shoulders and back.

Fortunately our landlord Carlos, by some miracle of God, was able to get up there quickly and cut off the water. This is the same landlord who took over three weeks to get us our carbon monoxide detector - even though he was required by law to have it installed the day we moved in. After about a good hour of cleaning, I was able to wash myself down and head off to work. Good times.

So next time you are hating that alarm clock at 6am on a Monday morning and your spouse's kickin' breath is getting you down, just remind yourself: "Hey, at least my neighbor isn't dumping 3-4 gallons of refuse through the ceiling on me right now!"

It's all about perspective I guess...