Sunday, September 16, 2007

ode to sister

Our beautiful sister, Anne, has now been living with us for over 2 months. We are having a blast. Anne brings much to La Casa della Rosa that was once lacking.

For instance, she has introduced us to cool new tunes, taught us the importance of 5 cups of coffee a day, doubled Katy's wardrobe, acted as a war movie watching companion for Kristian, and been a fellow lover of foods and all things chocolate.

She puts up with some of our crazy and sometimes obsessive quirks such as shutting off anything electric when not in use, recycling, closing the toilet lid when flushing, keeping eggs in the refrigerator, and walking very very quickly.

Additionally, Anne is relaxed, selfless, patient, fun-loving, and adventuresome. She loves trying new things but is totally content with hanging out with the two of us at home.

It's strange to some people that we, as a married couple, have a sibling living with us. I guess it is somewhat uncommon in our society to live in "community" like this. We have occasionally received some surprised reactions with people questioning how this is going to work out.
But we've discovered, as many have before us, that there is something beautiful and exciting about living with someone we did not originally write into the script, but who came along as a wonderful addition, and we all suddenly have to learn how to best live together, and serve each other.

It has actually been surprisingly easy, but that's probably because Anne's so great.

I guess the true test will come when we encounter someone not as lovely and nice-smelling as Annie who needs a roof and a bed. How will we respond? Will we eagerly invite them in?

I think that when Paul says in Romans 12, "Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality," that he is talking about more than hosting a pot-luck for a church group, which has sometimes been my idea of hospitality.

Anyway, we are already dreading the day when Sister leaves! But, that means there will be an open bedroom here (and by bedroom, we mean a Texas-size closet) starting in January! All are welcome.