Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sister Anne in the house

Anne has now been living in the Casa della Rosa for over a month! Sure, she smells kind of funny most of the time, but we're really grateful to have her nonetheless!

It's been a great time for us for several reasons. One, she's just fun to have around. Two, it's easy to slip into very selfish patterns of living - even as a couple. So for Team Rose, it's great to be living in community. I think that's one thing that America is really missing out on. I love it that I now have to reconsider many of my habits and patterns to account for another person. For instance, I hate showers. So usually I will just step into my birthday suit and sit down in the kitchen sink. A) its more fun to use a dish brush to wash yourself than a bar of soap and B) you don't have to deal with all of the excessive steaminess that builds up in a bathroom. But since Anne's been here we've had to consider a compromise (because it's more than a little immodest to bathe like that in the public space of a shared house). Now I wear a shower cap; you can image everybody's relief! It really did a lot to dispel the initial awkwardness.