Thursday, August 23, 2007

Katy's B-Day!

The beautiful Katy Rose is now officially in her mid 20's! Last Saturday, August 18th, we celebrated another year of Katy having survived the elements. There was home cooked breakfast in the morning, a stroll down Bleecker St. in the afternoon where we feasted on some delicious Thai food and an afternoon respite at a coffee shop in Union Square complemented with hot, caffeinated beverages and good books. For dinner we got some French baguettes, brie and pecorino cheeses, strawberries and mango and feasted upon one of the hillside lawns in Central Park. To make it circumstantially the perfect day, the temperature topped out at 77 degrees and the only clouds present were the fun marshmallow and wispy dream-like kinds. Thank God that he has graced this earth with another full year of Katy!