Saturday, July 14, 2007

Buy Shoes. Save Lives.

Living in New York City, we are absolutely inundated with marketing and advertisements. Standing in Times Square, it's clear that the amount of money being spent on banner advertising or giant video boards, along with the amount of revenue thereby created, would put the GDP of most small countries to shame. Virtually all of the products being represented communicate empty promises of power, wealth and vanity. I was almost convinced the other day that if I would only get some Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses I would become an attractive young woman with large and partially exposed breasts...or a dark and handsome man with those types of ladies clinging to my heavily sculpted body...I couldn't tell which. American consumerism is sickening, and we all suffer from the sickness!

Here's a chance to redeem ourselves! A group of Christ followers in Iraq have started a business venture that is superbly simple and profoundly powerful: buy shoes save lives. Craftsmen in Northern Iraq hand make these beautiful shoes called Kurdi Klash. These entrepreneurs purchase an inventory of shoes, in turn supporting the local economy. Then the shoes are sold and exported to the U.S. All profits are used to give Iraqi children urgent medical care for fatal or life altering heart conditions. The overseeing doctors are Jewish (see the parable of the Good Samaritan for context), in turn promoting peace between national enemies (

This kind of social entrepreneurship is EXACTLY what needs to be displayed in Times Square. Unfortunately it has to settle for space on a low traffic blog like this one. You have the chance to make a real difference in the life of an Iraqi child, the peace process between Arabs and Jews and the work of a group of people in Iraq who are taking risks for the sake of the Kingdom and in the name of the King.

Put your mighty American dollar to good use by supporting this mercy ministry AND get a sweet pair of kicks that all of your friends will be envious of (creating jealousy and saving lives around the world - the Team Rose motto). If you can't "afford" these shoes, at least help spread the viral advertising by telling people about this beautiful and compelling work (also you may want to take a look at last month's discretionary spending to see what exactly you are affording, you might be surprised). SHOD THYSELF