Saturday, March 03, 2007

a nice day

once in a while we get motivated and actually try and make the most of living in this crazy city.
here are a few highlights from one of those days, spent in the west village and chelsea...

snow-covered Washington Square Park

a great find in the West Village.... authentic english fish and chips with a clever name, "A Salt & Battery" (well, they claim to be authentic, whatever that really means, and the girl behind the counter had an english accent, so it seemed legit)


after lunch we went to see the much anticipated "music and lyrics"...
much anticipated because we saw several parts of the movie being filmed in midtown where we work. not the greatest movie, but still enjoyable seeing all the nyc shots.

resuming our day of treats and eats, we stopped into Choux Factory, a new discovery! they make and serve the most amazing cream puffs!

vanilla, mocha, and chocolate!

After the puffs (we actually only split one), we strolled down 9th ave through Chelsea looking in all the cute little cafes and bakeries. we came across the Chelsea Market at 15th which we had never visited before. what a fantastic place! it is a renovated factory from the 1800's with all sorts of restaurants, bakeries, flower shops, markets, and more. it was about 8pm but still very lively, with free tango lessons actually being held in main walkway. these type places are always so much better when just "stumbled upon" than when you actually make a long trip seeking them out. you feel as though you have just found some sort of great treasure.

finally, everything topped off with starbucks.

then back to the apt.