Monday, November 27, 2006

Has been bloggers...

A good blog is created by combining pithy but witty statements with the occasional pontification regarding some morally or socially salient topic, and good pictures with a well disciplined scheduled of updates. The Roses are clearly has beens. Maybe more like never weres. With that in mind, here is our feeble attempt at a quazi-interesting update on our lives.

But let's be honest about something: if you are discovering anything novel on this site that you didn't already know, you should feel duly convicted for not calling enough. Maybe its time for you to resolve to invest a little bit more intently in the lives of your friends/family. You are so selfish. (Its ok to say things like that, because if its true of you, then its true of us too. If there is one thing we've learned about life since being married, its the art of self condemnation. Honestly though, I'm such a failure in that regard!)

Since July:
We have had a few visitors over the past several months, and as Christmas closes in we anticipate the arrival of a few more. Katy helped put on an incredible gala for the Safe at Home Foundation. Kristian, despite his lackluster performance and generally offensive body odor, has somehow managed to remain employed. Our friends Becky and Jason in Maui are just weeks away from welcoming little Dwight Schrutte Vizthum into the world.

And with the lack of a meaningful transition phrase, here are some pictures: