Monday, July 10, 2006

Settling In...

For those of you who have the patience and faith to still be checking for updates, we thank you. There is no excuse for the laziness that has marked our blogging existence.

We are coming up on being here two months, and it is unbelievable how quickly it has gone. I suppose its because there has been such business for us here. They say New York moves at a faster pace that the rest of the world, and I think thats probably true - but it doesn't have so much to do with drive or motivation in my opinion as the additional time it takes to get everywhere here. You would think that on an island only 13 miles long that commute time would be minimal. In Dallas I drove about 20 miles to work, through downtown, and it took about 30 mins. Here, I work about 2 miles from the apt. and it takes 30 mins. Its not so bad if you live right next to a subway stop, but real estate gets more expensive in those prime spots...

Katy is really enjoying working for Safe At Home. The people are exceptionally nice there, as you might expect, and they have treated us with great kindness so far. Kristian is working for a litigation support company located about 3 blocks from Katy's office (which affords some wonderful lunch dates occassionally) and is enjoying learning a new industry.

We have been attending Manhattan Christian Church primarily, and have met several nice people. A decent amount of its members are people who moved up from it possesses a certain familiarity.

So far we have had one visitor: our mom from Kristian's side. She was here on business and stayed over the weekend, so we were able to see quite a few touristy destinations (we are still tourists too at this point) and enjoy some really refreshing quality time with a wonderful and loving lady.

It still feels pretty unclear exactly what we are here for, but one thing has been abundantly obvious to us. Living in the city, especially this city, really forces you to deal with some things in life that you just don't have to living in suburbia or small town USA. No matter where you go here, from the poorest neighborhoods to the ritziest districts, you are forced into collision with so many different people, many of whom are crying out desperately at a volume that makes it virtually impossible to continue living the self-centered and comfortable life that we are so used to, without some serious spiritual chaffing. God clearly calls us to respond to the brokeness of the world in some very uncomfortable ways, and we have been much more frequently reminded of that here. Our hope is that we will have the courage and the vision to respond in obedience, and with love.

As always, we deeply miss our friends and family who are not close - and as always, we welcome anyone who wants to come visit. However, if you desire the free lodging of Casa del Rose, you will have to be prepared for an authentic NY working class experience. Think of Joey and Chandler's apt. on "Friends", and then think of their living room, thats about the size of our entire apt! Which means the guest quarters (aka living room/kitchen) is about 15 square feet - but a spacious 15!

If there are any quandries, please post them. We would love to hear from any and all friends and family who might still be faithful to Musings.