Monday, July 10, 2006

APT 11

A couple of apt. pics, just to get a quick idea of what La Casa del Rose might look like. The AC unit shown is the handywork of Kristian. He spent his precious time and energy intalling this so that I could sleep in comfort. What an amazing husband I have - for it was no easy task. The instructions were ambiguous to the max, and he had to contruct an amended window sill just to house that stupid unit...and then found that there must be some metal below the window somehow because I bent about five nails trying to mount a filler piece, and after all of that our lease says we can't even have an AC! Next time she asks me to accomodate her comfort, I'm going to say, "babe, you remember that AC in NY, create your own comfort!" .... Um, I mean, Kristian is a wonderful and sweet husband, and I shoud make him lots of cookies tonight out of my deep appreciation.

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