Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So long ago...

So we are about three months behind in keeping the virtual world up to date on our tropical lives. An attempt at a quick recap:

Christmas: Had to work, but still ok. Lots of love and support from family and friends sending yule tide greetings through cards and gifts. We look forward to future Christmases back home.

New Year: Hung out with some friends for treats and games...good times. We barely made it to midnight...I think we're getting old? We have included some pictures of our New Year Mullets!

Sometime around the Mercedes Championships, held at Kapalua, we got hooked up with Joe Torre (Manager of the NY Yankees) and his wife to babysit their daughter Andrea! They are incredibly kind and generous people. A few years ago they started an org. called "Safe at Home" to educate about and prevent domestic violence...Katy has submitted a resume, and it would be a dream come true for her to get a job there and live in NYC!! We'll see what happens!

Now we are facing the last half of our time here (most likely) and we really want to savor every moment. It can be hard sometimes to live in the present when the futrure seems uncertain. We love our friends and our church here, and if we do end up leaving it will be a very sad goodbye.

We had 2 friends, Nicholas and Steven, come visit last month! We had a wonderful time with them and look forward to our next visitors, Kristian's dad and stepmother, in a couple weeks!!