Thursday, December 01, 2005

Late night at the Village

After what has been a thirteen hour day so far, we find ourselves having snuck into one of the administrative offices to blog - while sitting on the clock! There is only so much counting you can do in one day (today is the annual inventory) before you need a little free money and some internet time. (This has been fully sanctioned by our supervisor, and any suggestion otherwise has been intended for comedic value only).

Tomorrow is our day off, and we plan to take a scenic hike that our great friend Michelle Bailey has told us about - but we're not taking a step until Katy fixes one of those big breakfasts, and that's a scientific fact! There has also been some speculation as to a possible surfing lesson early in the a.m. with pastor Lance and our friend Brandon from Oregon, but the winds will determine the outcome of that story! Stay tuned...