Sunday, December 18, 2005

Last weekend we took a hike into a Volcano - the East Maui peak Haleakala. We descended about 1000 feet into the crater and it was surreal. You can't imagine what it was like unless you've done it, so don't try. But we would say that it was very much like being on the moon (mmmm, irony). Virtually no life can exist within its arid climate. The sliver sword (a plant) grows ther and nowhere else in the world, takes 10 years to bloom, and then dies. The Nene bird can live there, but its not much of a life...they just walk around because the air is too thin to fly efficiently. Some hold that there is an alien presence there, and that some pretty crazy creepy stuff has occured, but we don't buy into that kind of stuff. Katy looked really cute that day with her pig-tails, Im hoping for them again soon.