Sunday, December 18, 2005

1: Brandon and Kristian heading out for an initial surf lesson, compliments of our pastor Lance Bowen.

2: Kristian contemplating the vastness and magnitude of Old Man Sea and his great songs from antiquity.

3. Kristian riding the most pathetic "wave" that has ever been photographed...but if you can believe it, it was the end of the break. They were actually more like 4-5' high.

4. Beautiful coastline at Pua Mana...surfing paradise and home of ginormous waves, taken by the Ansel Adams of the Pacific...Katy Rose (of the Coconut Inn).

5. Kristian standing in awe of the enormity of the the one pictured above...and feeling pretty cool. Even if he looks like a goober surfing, you have to admit that holding and board and wearing the rash guard (surf shirt) he looks flippin' sweet.