Sunday, November 27, 2005

Turkey and Mistletoe

Hello once again friends and family! What a joy it is to be into the Christmas season with decorations already up, Yuletide carols being played through busted speakers in a '90 Stanza with no front shocks, and the Salvation Army strategically positioned at points where commerce happens to accost at least two of your faculties with incessant bell ringing. Katy and I have "mused" how unexpected our first Xmas will be together. I have so long dreamed of curling up in front of a fireplace and lit tree with my beautiful wife and sipping cocoa. But instead we will be working at a golf shop selling over-priced clothing before curling up on a slightly stained futon mattress in front of a 10" laptop screen and eating canned pineapple chunks. We relish being young and (relatively) poor and in love!

Thanksgiving was great for us as we feasted twice and enjoyed time with many of our new friends! We experienced a meal in a mansion, purple Molokai sweet potatoes, and a game of monopoly that ended with a face off between a real life real estate mogul and a prelaw student - at one point there was an arbitration hearing regarding a contractual dispute concerning the transfer of ownership of a particular block of undeveloped real estate. In the end the real estate guy won, but there is little doubt that he was using loaded dice.

A month and a half after requesting that our moldy bathroom walls be repainted, they were! We knew immediately when we arrived home to the thick and distinct smell of lead-based paint and the sight of our towels and grooming accessories strewn about the hallway. In addition we got our refrigerator repainted, er, re-spray-painted, and have a kitchen floor stained with a thin layer of white, sticky goodness to remind us of that unsolicited favor. I think an important lesson was learned however: in the Coconut Inn, it is better to have moldy dry wall than an unsupervised Johny McConkney roaming in your apartment. Oh yeah, and because he was thoughtful enough to leave the door open for ventilation while working, we now have a bug infestation. But at the end of the day you just have to say, "hey, we are saved by grace and currently living in Maui." So there is really no room to complain huh.

Thank you for taking time to live life with us via a virtual time delayed interface.
More funny stories to come soon...