Sunday, November 06, 2005

A lesson in sensitivity

About a week ago Kristian had been carelessly joking about with his precious wife, as often happens in the evening at the Coconut Inn. But there is a shift that must take place when a young man gets married, he is no longer a bachelor spending time primarily with other heartless and callous bachelors, and a young wife has certain emotional needs. At this particular junction Katy gracefully and graciously informed Kristian of this by stating, "you can't just joke around with me like I'm one of your woodsmen whom you go camping with, I'm your wife!" Now at first Kristian was a little bit confused by the imagery, but of course, he is a bit obtuse. In the end he surmised that she must be referring to past roommates from the 409 in College Station. So Donald, Steven, Mike, welcome to the club of camping woodsmen - I'll try not to treat my wife like one of you sad sacks.

In our attempt to created a fall in the land of eternal summer Katy crafted an amazing loaf of golden delicious zucchini bread Saturday morning - it didn't survive more than an hour at the hands of a ravenous Kristian. But we did set aside a couple of pieces for our dear friends and neighbors Becky and Jason whom we hosted for dinner later that night.

A must read: A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken. This is a beautiful story of love, life, death, grieving, and how Sheldon and his good friend and mentor C.S. Lewis navigate those things together. This read made one of the Roses cry no less than 8 times; it was the hairier of the two.