Sunday, October 09, 2005

A new beginning

Napili Bay

Some people say that paradise is found in a certain aptly named piece of pie...but they're wrong, its found in Maui. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world and we are so grateful for being here! The sunsets are like a mouthful of honey before being forced to carry a kilo of prohibited material across the Rio Grande; the cool breezes wash over you like the emergency chemical showers in high school science lab; the sandy beaches invite you to experience peace at a new level - primarily sea level.

We started our journey with a tearful goodbye at the DFW airport, where we waved to our parents as we walked down that long, lonely terminal. From there it was off to sunny L.A. - or Long Beach, to be more exact (some of you might be familiar with the area from the smooth stylings of mr. snoopy dog dog, as he rolled with the "LBC", or "Long Beach Cryps." But it is different than the song would lead you to believe - we didn't see one forty ounce, one drive by, or even any fat rappers with lots of skinny and scantily clad women (unless myself walking with Katy qualifies?) We lodged there with our good friends Zach and Sarah Snider, who showed us a great amount of hospitality by giving up their bed for us, cooking us dinner, and shuttling us to and from the air port! All it cost us was Kristian having to put up with Zach and his abundance of inappropriate advances...but he won't fall for that four times!

Refreshed and well fed we arrived in Kahului, Maui and headed off in our rented Subaru wagon (thanks to Nicholas Henderson for his help on that) towards the Mecca of Hawaiian hostels - the Banana Bungalow! If you can imagine what it would be like to have someone throw up on your shoes, punch you in the kidney, and then take fifty dollars from you, then you can imagine what it is like to stay in the Banana Bungalow (please note the metaphor, there was no literal vomit or kidney punch). If there were vomiting pugilists however, they would be crystal meth addicts, because apparently that was the primary resident profile in the neighborhood where the Bungalow sits. For some reason they didn't mention that on their website?

Over the next several days we spent endless hours scouring the classifieds, networking with locals, and going store to store picking up job applications in our attempt to get settled here. Finally, after much frustration and tears (Kristian), we found a home at the Coconut Inn. And when your apartment complex is named after a harry fruit and has the word "Inn" in it, you know its good! Aside from the fact that we had to sign a lead paint and asbestos waiver on the lease and the fact that the building is much older than either of us, it is a cozy little place, sitting quietly in a nice, peaceful neighborhood, mere minutes from one of the most amazing beachlines in the world!! What can be difficult for a young couple moving to an island is having only suitcases and renting an unfurnished apartment, but fortunately for us, our landlord, Johnny, is a sixty year old stoner with a poney tail and obliged us by providing us what was left over in storage from when the units were furnished - in 1973. But I guess in Hawaii bamboo tables and chairs never really go out of style, so thats nice.
Then yesterday we are driving up our street, Hui F Road, and saw a garage sale where we were able to get a bed, futon, lamps, trash cans, hair cutting supplies, candles, a coffee pot, and soap for only 100 dollars U.S. !! What a deal huh?!

So thats it, you are up to speed on the postnubial adventures of Kristian and Katy! We have a guest room - ish and can't wait for some great friends and family to come out and visit!

Mahalo (thank you) for adventuring with us!